Why Choose HousePresto?

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Housepresto has accredited over 30 builders and has a builder for every different specialty – single storey, double storey, custom build, townhouses, budget priced, high quality, etc..

The majority of people want to have input into the design of their new home and many of HousePresto's builders cater for this type of customer. But keep in mind that custom built homes are generally more expensive than a volume home - but not necessarily by very much.

Two storey houses cost about 15% more to build than single storey homes. This is because of steel, scaffolding, cranes and the extra time it takes to construct.

In some circumstances HousePresto can be appointed to assist you with your home project but as we are funded by our accredited builders, we probably wouldn't be paid for our time buy your builder. Therefore we could advise you all the way through to the contract stage for a fee of $1500 for a single home.

If you appoint HousePresto to work with you but change you mind at some stage we will charge you our fixed fee of $1500.

We have builders capable of building in all types of conditions including sloping blocks. The main task is to ensure that the design of the house matches the condition of the site.

The short answer is no. HousePresto aims to ensure that both you and the builder are fully aware of what is going to be built however, if a dispute does arise then we are always available to mediate. At the end of the day it is the builders responsibility to deliver exactly what the contract states and therefore you have the typical protection offered by the building contract.

Given the high percentage of disputes we envisage that most people will be at least $15,000 safer by utilizing the HousePresto Home Advisor. In reality it's not much about saving money, it's about being fully aware of what your project is going to cost BEFORE you sign a building contract.