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Real Estate Gifts

Real estate to be sold, with the proceeds supporting our work. If you are leaving a gift of real estate to Audubon through a will or trust, we prefer that you instruct your executor/trustee to sell the property and donate the proceeds to Audubon. This enables Audubon to continue its focus on identified priority habitats for birds, and still

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The Bird Genoscape Project Aims to Unlock the Secrets in

(1 days ago) 3 hours ago · Ranching and real estate interests formed a coalition and petitioned to delist the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher in 2015, just a month before the Bird Genoscape Project’s public launch. Represented by the Pacific Legal Foundation, a property-rights group, they argued the Southwestern population wasn’t a subspecies at all, and therefore

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Lincoln Property Company Acquires 700 Broadway

(3 days ago) Lincoln Property Company was founded in 1965 and today is one of the most respected and diversified real estate service firms in the United States, employing thousands of experienced, dedicated people who serve a growing client base that reaches coast-to-coast, as well as into Mexico and Europe.

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What’s at Stake

(Just Now) But the reptiles remain vulnerable to the effects of roaring real estate development in Florida, he warns. Their future, like that of the Everglades ecosystem itself, hinges on the success of a $16 billion, decades-long restoration effort. And just when experts say it’s most needed, a program designed to gauge whether various restoration

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Slip Sliding Away

(7 days ago) But real estate on the islands is up a healthy 5 percent. A commercial on local television tells me that there’s a new luxury housing development with 30 lots going up and one could be mine. When I stop by one realty office, an agent sees no issue with telling me in the same conversation that she recently sold an empty lot to a couple forced

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How to Bring Lights Out to a City Near You Audubon

(3 days ago) In addition to the Builing Owners and Managers Association, the Building Industry Association, and major real estate companies, other major business like Comcast and PECO are also participating in Lights Out Philly. At press time, more than 60 people and businessess have registered in the program.

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A Rare Copy of Audubon’s ‘Birds of America’ Heads to

(8 days ago) After graduating from Yale University in 1951, he pursued lucrative careers in finance, real estate, and energy. Knobloch was, according to his nephew, an inveterate investor, and he purchased The Birds of America “as an investment for the …

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New Federal Water Rules Ditch Protections for

(7 days ago) Real estate developers, farmers, and others complained that the Obama rule, which encompassed about 60 percent of the nation’s waters, was too strict, requiring them to seek costly permits for routine operations. Last September, the Trump administration threw the new rule out and reverted to an earlier interpretation of the act.

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Why Switzerland Is Growing A Native Plant Oasis in the

(8 days ago) When Jacques Pitteloud arrived at his new home and office in the fall of 2019, he was dismayed to discover the state of the property. As Switzerland’s new ambassador to the United States, he had a piece of prime real estate in northwest Washington, D.C.,— a historic six-acre stretch of land that once was a farm called Single Oak.Now it hosted the country's sleek, …

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10 Plants for a Bird-Friendly Yard

(7 days ago) Milkweed ( Asclepias spp.) Milkweed is best known for hosting monarch butterfly caterpillars, but they attract loads of insects that are great for birds, too. Bonus: the flowers are gorgeous. Birds that love them: Some birds, like the American Goldfinch, use the fiber from the milkweed to spin nests for its chicks.

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The Private Race to Space Has Fallout for Protected Lands

(5 days ago) Coastal real estate was a priority from the start of the global space race. NASA acquired tens of thousands of acres of Florida’s undeveloped Merritt Island to establish Kennedy Space Center there in the 1960s. In partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NASA created Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge adjacent to the launch

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Meet Lisa von Borowski, Early Audubon Conservationist

(Just Now) Technological advances and the oncoming surge of real estate development presented Audubon with new and more complex threats to wildlife than the market hunting of the early days. Audubon expanded its scientific research programs and became heavily involved in the effort to ban the use of pesticides such as DDT, prevent the extinction of the

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Meet Old Man Plover, the Pride of the Great Lakes

(6 days ago) And not only is he particular about his real estate, he’s also punctual. For the last three years, he’s flown back from winter migration on the same exact date—April 13. He’s a grizzled bird, having weathered quite a few storms over his lifetime. At 15 years old, he’s outlived the average Piping Plover by a decade, making him the

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Only in Florida: Investors Promised Permit to Destroy Bird

(9 days ago) Out-of-state real estate investors with colorfully named corporations have applied for—and are close to getting—state permits that would destroy imperiled bird habitat. These corporations, Texas Holdem and Squeeze Me Inn , want to build a private boardwalk across public conservation lands to deliver tourists from rental properties right

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The Insider’s Guide to Birding in Central Park, New York

(2 days ago) Although the meticulous landscape architecture was designed primarily for urbanites’ recreation, the city's spread over the past century and a half has made the park's enduring greenery particularly valuable bird real estate—not to mention an oasis for migrants passing through the city.

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Board of Directors

(Just Now) Chris Graeser, Chair Chris Graeser is an attorney in Santa Fe focused on land use, real estate, property tax, and occasional cases of interest. In his law practice, Chris represents individuals and organizations concerned with disproportionate or inadequately planned development and its associated habitat loss.

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2017 Conservation Policy Resolutions of Audubon New York

(9 days ago) the Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT), which is generated, in part, from some of the very causes of habitat loss, e.g. suburban sprawl. The EPF was designed to provide a secure source of environmental funding in good economic times and bad, and be used to offset the negative consequences from overdevelopment.

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Why a Hawk Is a Hummingbird’s Best Friend

(2 days ago) You know what they say about location and real estate. Hummingbird nests often appear in clusters, but for years researchers couldn’t figure out what attracted the birds to certain areas. Turned out the answer was, “good neighbors.”

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Ashforth and Audubon Connecticut Partner on Habitat

(6 days ago) Headquartered in Stamford, CT, The Ashforth Company is a 123-year-old diversified real estate operating company that owns, develops, and invests in assets on the East and West Coasts, and provides third party services including asset and property management, general contracting, and construction management.

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How State and Local Governments Are Leading the

(Just Now) Other Leaders: A bill moving through the South Carolina legislature would set up a fund to buy flood-prone real estate, giving homeowners loans or grants to cover the 25 percent local match. The legislation also calls for demolishing homes and rebuilding natural buffers in their place.

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Five Essentials for Successful Duck Photography

(2 days ago) Just like in real estate, the key to success is location, location, location! If you want flight photos, ducks with wings cupped and coming in to land, you need to go where the wind is at your back. Want to find hens with broods? That means sneaking through shallow water with lots of emergent vegetation. Ducks feeding on wild rice?

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CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. 125 Westpark Road

(9 days ago) Office of Real Estate Paul R. Baldridge, Chief 2045 Morse Road – Bldg. E-2 Columbus, OH 43229 Phone: (614) 265-6649 Fax: (614) 267-4764 July 16, 2019 Ruthie Herman CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. 125 Westpark Road Centerville, Ohio 45459 Re: 19-456; CBC-22379 - 140 Acre Undeveloped Prairie Land Property

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Gift and Estate Planning Audubon Missouri

(7 days ago) In exchange for an irrevocable gift of cash, securities or real estate, you and or another beneficiary can receive income for life or a term of years. Through a life income gift you may receive an income tax deduction, reduce or eliminate …

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Bald Eagles Come to the Big Apple

(5 days ago) That the raptors are in the market for city real estate is a good sign. Nationally, the birds were nearly wiped out by DDT before the pesticide was banned in the 1970s, and the population has been climbing gradually ever since, thanks in large part to Endangered Species Act protections and reintroduction efforts.

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These U.S. Cities Are Proactively Planning for

(3 days ago) When Oakland, California, loses two professional sports teams in the next few years, it will gain prime waterfront real estate. The stadiums for the Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors will be razed, creating space for thousands of affordable new homes.

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A Rare Bald Eagle Trio—Two Dads and a Mom

(1 days ago) Sure enough, their prime real estate soon drew in a new female with dark feathers on her head. She was spotted collecting nesting materials with the two Valors in September 2017, often noted as a bonding ritual; webcam fans named her Starr. That spring, there were two eaglets in the nest.

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Teton Basin Audubon Important Bird Areas

(6 days ago) The primary economic values of Teton Basin are agriculture, recreation, and real estate. There are several sites of historic/cultural significance around Teton Basin related to early exploration and settlement by Euro-Americans. Share this Important Bird Area Birds in This Area.

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Real Estate for Purple Martins

(2 days ago) The Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society has a real estate proposition for the Purple Martins of western Wisconsin. For hundreds of years populations of the little songbirds east of the Rockies have dwelled in cities of grand white nest boxes built by people, a habit they picked up when indigenous communities hung gourds for them to use as pre-fab houses.

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Mink River Estuary-Newport State Park Audubon Important

(2 days ago) Real estate development in northern Door County is a potential threat to the integrity of this area. While many key tracts have been acquired already, surrounding development may negatively impact hydrology. Invasive species probably are the most serious threat to the wetland habitat. Carp are abundant in the Mink River waters and likely affect

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Prickly Pair: Cactus-dwelling Couple Prove

(3 days ago) As a result of this resurgence, suitable trees and cliffs in Arizona are crowded enough with eagles that saguaros—spiked with needles and not as tall as typical nest sites—may be starting to look like prime real estate. “These birds probably would have nested elsewhere if they had an option,” Jacobson says.

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Your Legacy Audubon’s Future

(4 days ago) • Donate appreciated real estate that is not subject to a lien or mortgage. Don’t keep it a secret! Once you have named Audubon in your will, retirement plan, or another method, please tell us so that we can list you as a member of the Grinnell Society, our program honoring those making planned gifts to Audubon.

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A Bird-Friendlier Campus

(Just Now) Students are enacting meaningful change through collaboration and innovation. And, models are being shared through documentation including new bird-friendly guidelines developed by the University’s department of Facilities and Real Estate Services and a report on bird strike awareness on campus developed by Penn Sustainability's student Eco-Reps.

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David Roux, Chairman of Silver Lake, a $14

(4 days ago) David Roux, co-founder and Senior Director of Silver Lake, has been named to the Board of Directors of the National Audubon Society. Roux’s work as Silver Lake’s Senior Director puts him at the helm of a $14 billion global private equity firm that specializes in technological investment. “David Roux brings great business acumen, a deep

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The History of Seward Park & Ye Old Seward Park Inn

(9 days ago) The peninsula was purchased in 1890 by William E. Bailey, a Yale graduate and real-estate investor from Pennsylvania, for $26,000. The Park was named Bailey Peninsula in his honor following his heavy investment in buildings and real estate after the Great Seattle Fire.

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