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Real estate courses online in Australia Finder

An online real estate course is for anyone who has an interest in becoming anything from a real estate agent or property developer to a valuer or investment trust manager.

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Real estate stocks: What to know and how to invest Finder

(4 days ago) The real estate sector is dominated by real-estate investment trusts (REITs). These pull the resources of investors together to buy a range of property assets, which the trust then manages for a

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Researching the property market: A beginner's guide

(1 days ago) Real estate research involves assessing a number of factors on the current and future circumstances of a specific area. The property market in Australia is split up state-by-state and subsequently

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Real estate agent fees and average commission Finder

(6 days ago) Real estate agent fees are typically charged at 2-4% plus GST of a property's sale price. On a $600,000 property, that's a commission of $13,200 to $26,400.

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How to conduct a property sales history search

(9 days ago) Some real estate listing websites allow you to access data on when the property has previously been leased and the value of the rent. …

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How to rent out your property without an agent

(9 days ago) Not using a real estate agent means you have to do a lot more work here, from writing descriptions of your property to taking photographs. Luckily there are many websites that let you do this

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Property management fees: how much should you pay

(1 days ago) The fees real estate agencies charge for property management services vary depending on where you live and the agency you choose. As a general rule, you can expect to pay a commission of between 7

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Free Property Valuation: How to avoid a $200-$600

(Just Now) On the other hand, a market appraisal is performed by a real estate agent who is acting on behalf of the vendor. The estate agent is using the same factors to determine value, but they are looking

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Deceased estate sales: bargain buy or big mistake

(3 days ago) Real estate agencies also commonly advertise deceased estates. How to buy a deceased estate. If you’re thinking of purchasing a deceased estate, make sure you take the following steps to ensure

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The property clock: how do property cycles work

(3 days ago) Asking local real estate agents, mortgage brokers or property developers about an area; Checking the local council website for any upcoming developments like transport, business networking or

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What is a cooling off period when buying a house

(5 days ago) A real estate cooling off period protects you if you change your mind about buying a a property. Learn how it works and how to cancel a sale.

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Selling your house without a real estate agent Finder

(5 days ago) Let's say you sell your home for $700,000, and your real estate agent gets a commission of 2%. That means the agent gets $14,000 of your property's sale price, plus GST.

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What factors influence a property's market value

(9 days ago) The performance of the real estate market in your local area can also affect how much your property is worth. If there’s little demand for houses in the neighbourhood and the properties listed

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Do you have what it takes to be a property developer

(6 days ago) Rich Harvey is a buyers' agent, economist, property investor and CEO of Propertybuyer – an independent buyers' agency that specialises in searching, appraising and negotiating real estate

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Capital gains tax when selling property

(Just Now) This article was fact-checked and reviewed by Lloyd Edge, an accredited buyer's agent, licensed real estate agent and the author of Positively Geared. Content has been updated for 2021. Content

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Property investment Australia

(5 days ago) Your guide to property investment Australia Property investing is a popular strategy for growing your overall wealth. Our expert guide shows you …

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Property investment scams + real estate seminars

(Just Now) Property scams abound in Australia, as the industry lacks regulation and our cultural fascination with property prices means there's always demand for real estate "education". Knowledge is power

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4 major unethical real estate moves (+ how to avoid being

(6 days ago) 4. Real estate agents that act as both sales agent and buyer's agent. This can be seen as a conflict of interest, if the real estate agent …

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Wear and tear in a rental property

(5 days ago) Broadly, fair wear and tear is the normal and inevitable deterioration of a property. Factors such as exposure to the elements, deterioration over time and just day-to-day use can cause fair wear

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