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San Antonio Property Management Investment Realty Company

Steve Raub, CCIM, is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Texas and the Broker of Record for IRC. He is Investment Realty Company’s leading expert in commercial property and heads IRC’s remarkable team of land acquisitions and development experts. With over thirty-five years in the commercial real estate industry, Steve Raub

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The Inevitables: Death and Taxes

(5 days ago) Considering most commercial real estate transactions run into the millions, even tens and hundreds of millions, this would become a severe damper on real estate investments and sales. Fortunately, there is a very large group of lobbyists for real estate in general and commercial property in particular who have rallied strongly to oppose this

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Rules of Real Estate to Live By

(5 days ago) Rules of Real Estate to Live By. Raub’s Rules of Real Estate And Favorite Words of Wisdom. 1. Never lose money. 2. Never forget Rule #1. 3. It is very difficult to make a lot of money and very few who do, hold onto it. Calculate your risks!

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Buying Opportunities

(4 days ago) Commercial real estate investors reveal both frustration and disappointment at the lack of quality buying opportunities that many expected would have materialized by now, according to the second quarter 2010 findings of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Korpacz Real Estate Investor Survey.

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Foresite Acquires Property Management, Sales and Leasing

(Just Now) ABOUT FORESITE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE Foresite Commercial Real Estate is a full-service brokerage provider of property management, leasing and investment sales led by Chad Knibbe and Bethany Babcock. Founded in 2014, Foresite has grown to a team of 25 members and represents more than 80 assignments. To learn more, visit

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7 Reasons to Use an Exclusive Agency

(8 days ago) In the agreement, the seller grants the real estate firm the right to be the only firm with the exclusive right to sell the property. Yes, you will sign an exclusive agency agreement and pay a commission to the real estate agent once the property is sold, but it has many advantages.

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Raub Report: Summer Days of Covid

(6 days ago) San Antonio Real Estate Development. The 2010’s was the Decade of Under-building, according to Hoya Capital Real Estate. Single family starts are running only half of what they were in the 1980’s, ‘90’s and 2000’s, while multifamily starts have recovered to about the rate where they were in the 1990’s, having taken a huge hit in

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Raub Report May 2015

(4 days ago) The activity level in commercial real estate in Q1 2015 picked up from a more subdued Q4 of 2014 and is currently very strong and healthy. The “oil shock” of December, scared a lot of Texans, as I wrote in February, but now we are seeing that the impact locally is not going to be significant.

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Commercial Real Estate Services San Antonio

(5 days ago) Specialists in San Antonio Commercial Real Estate. Investment Realty Company has been creating wealth from San Antonio commercial real estate property since 1975. We are the specialists in investment real estate. IRC, its members and staff, have over 100 years of combined sales and leasing experience. IRC has more than three decades of

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Raub Report July 2013

(3 days ago) Raub Report July 2013. July 21, 2013. Since I entered the Commercial Real Estate field in 1984, I have heard, “Well, things are booming everywhere, maybe it’s time for Corpus Christi.”. Well, Corpus has never boomed but just kept on gradually growing and being a nice place to vacation.

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Investment Realty- Changes in Office Space Metrics

(1 days ago) Many metrics are needed to learn in commercial real estate. These metrics continue to change. There are many changes in office space metrics as companies try to shrink office space and adapt to shared offices. Another new factor is the growth of the Gig Economy

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Property Value in San Antonio Investment Realty Company

(2 days ago) Knowledgeable real estate owners consistently protest their taxes, which will lower the rate of increase, but still the increases are mounting up. So, we see that the increase in San Antonio property value taxes has far outpaced property value appreciation. Nothing particularly helpful came out of the recent Legislative Session.

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Land Sales San Antonio

(8 days ago) Land Sales San Antonio. As the saying goes, “Under all is the land.”. Investment Realty Company is an expert in land sales in the San Antonio metropolitan area. We carry decades of experience in identifying the best tracts and locations for our clients who are interested in buying, developing, and investing in commercial-use land.

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About the Investment Realty Team Investment Realty Company

(Just Now) Investment Realty. 16350 Blanco Road Suite #114 San Antonio, Texas 78232 (210) 828-9261

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How to Find Commercial Property for Sale

(4 days ago) Option #1: Research public records for commercial real estate property for sale. In San Antonio and throughout the United States, who owns a property is public record. Depending on what county you live in, this information may be accessible online. To search records in a county, simply Google “ (county name) + property owner records” to

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Raub Report: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

(6 days ago) From the Commercial Real Estate perspective it is a total disaster for small retail centers and apartments. Offices are insulated so far, and industrial distribution is really busy. Investment deals have stopped. Don’t even ask about hotels.

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Raub Report: Are We in the Late Stage of the Economic Cycle

(2 days ago) Commercial real estate is generally highly priced at this point, and does not offer the generous appreciation potential we find in major downturns. And, there is a lot of money on the sidelines, waiting to pounce on opportunities whenever one should appear. I think this will be a moderating influence on market downswings for the next several years.

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Commercial Property Financial Analysis

(4 days ago) Investment Realty. 16350 Blanco Road Suite #114 San Antonio, Texas 78232 (210) 828-9261

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San Antonio Real Estate Market Proves Promising for

(5 days ago) The current market overview for San Antonio commercial real estate for the first quarter of 2021 shows that the vacancy rate is up at 11.1%. The vacancy rate was at 9.3% at this time last year. The number of properties under construction is also up at 2,184,791 square feet. The city was at 1,873,632 square feet during the first quarter of 2020.

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Charles P. Kaplan

(5 days ago) Licensed Real Estate Agent, TX #370190. Direct Phone (210) 314-7840. Office Phone (210) 828-9261 x22. Email Charles P. Kaplan

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A New World of Work

(3 days ago) Many institutional real estate players have gotten into the market for single family rentals, competing or out-competing with these home buyers, and driving prices even higher. Builders have been under-building to demand for some years, because of land costs and difficulties in getting development entitlements from cities.

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7 Real Estate Investing Tips for Aspiring Investors

(5 days ago) Real estate investing is more complex than HGTV makes it look. Surround yourself with seasoned professionals who can help you make the right decisions to protect your investment returns. Keep your day job; it’s easier to get financing while working. Buy smart; you make money when you purchase real estate, not when you sell it.

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Interim Construction Financing IRC Capital Residential

(8 days ago) Interim Construction Financing. IRC Capital Residential, Ltd. is a San Antonio based lender for interim construction financing for new home construction. We are a private, non-bank lender, offering greater flexibility and speed in originating construction loans. Founded in 2009, IRC Capital Residential, Ltd, combined with its predecessor, has

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San Antonio Commercial Real Estate Blog Investment

(1 days ago) May 31, 2019. Ten-X Commercial, a California based real estate search engine, reported San Antonio as a top market for retail investment. In the report, Ten-X Commercial predicted that retail rents in the Alamo City could rise 4.1% by 2022. Much of the report’s data is attributed to the retail market’s growing strength in San Antonio.

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Investment Realty Company Announces Medical Wellness

(8 days ago) Leading commercial real estate brokerage cites new trend as a result of retail industry shift. SAN ANTONIO, TX—July 18, 2017—Investment Realty Company (IRC) is proud to announce its new Medical & Wellness Practice Group along with the new listing of Huntington Square, a 2.1-acre site in Northwest San Antonio.

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7 Crucial Tips for Leasing Commercial Property

(Just Now) 7 Crucial Tips for Leasing Commercial Property. Leasing commercial properties can be a lucrative deal if completed properly, ensuring both you as the tenant and the landlord benefit from the deal. It’s handy to keep in mind certain tips for leasing commercial property. Negotiating the commercial lease is the lengthiest and most important

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How a Commercial Broker Adds Value to Your Business

(5 days ago) Securing commercial real estate by lease or purchase can be a long and difficult process if you don’t have a qualified expert lending you a hand. There are several misconceptions about hiring a commercial broker, the main one being cost of services. Many brokers, including Investment Realty, do not charge hidden fees or upfront charges to

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Raub Report August 2016

(7 days ago) Commercial Real Estate investment transactions are slowing markedly from the torrid pace of 2015, however, this matches the trend in 2012, another election year. Regardless of who wins, a pick up after the election is likely. Interest rates play a huge role in our economy, and “lower longer” is still going to be the theme.

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Anticipate Inflation Now

(8 days ago) Commercial Real Estate can perform well in an inflationary period because, 1) Property, like gold, is a store of value (I am not going to address crypto currencies which need more time to sort out their volatility). 2) The rents can be raised to keep pace with inflation. 3) Your loan declines in real dollar value.

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IRC Capital Residential, LTD

(2 days ago) IRC Capital Residential, LTD Commercial Brokerage, Consulting & Investment Real Estate Since 1975 16350 Blanco Road, Suite 114 λλ λSan Antonio, Texas 78232 Phone: 210.828.9261 Fax: 210.828.8797

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Town & Country

(4 days ago) real estate advice, he should consult with an attorney as set forth above. IRS CODE SECTION 1445. Sale, lease, and other transactions can have local, state and federal tax consequences for the Seller/Lessor and/or Buyer/Tenant. In the event of a sale, Internal Revenue Code Section 1445 requires that all buyers of an interest in any real property

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Client Testimonials

(6 days ago) Mrs. Connie Raub is a very experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent who always gave me good advice based on accurate information on the market. She always had my best interest in mind and traits like loyalty to her clients and attention to detail set her apart as an agent who you can trust and depend on. Hoan Pho MD

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San Antonio Land For Sale

(5 days ago) Contact IRC today to schedule a tour with one of our trusted commercial real estate agents. Call 210-828-9261 to speak with an agent or visit our contact page for more contact options. Search More Property Types . San Antonio Office Space For Sale; San Antonio Land For Sale; San Antonio Industrial Space For Sale; San Antonio Commercial Real

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