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Austin Real Estate Market Update

Last year was a whirlwind for almost all aspects of our lives, and the real estate industry was no exception. In the midst of a world-wide pandemic we saw something unusual occur in the Austin real estate market, there was no slow down. Usually, the Austin market is fairly predictable. Spring is the busy season.

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Sell Your Property

(Just Now) Are you looking for a qualified real estate professional who answers the phone, anticipates your needs, and streamlines the selling process? We apply a systematic approach with a personal touch to listing properties. Deciding to sell your property is not necessarily an easy decision. Choosing the right person to sell your property may appear to

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Austin Homes For Sale For Under $300K

(Just Now) Well, the median sales price for homes in the greater Austin area reached $296,999 in January of 2019, and in the City of Austin, the median sales price for homes last January was $353,250. Luckily, there are still some great homes and condos for sale in Central Austin. View all of the latest homes and condos for sale in central Austin under

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Austin Real Estate Trends 2004-Present

(4 days ago) The Austin real estate market is strong whether you are buying in the city limits or in the suburbs. While this data is from single-family home sales, similar trends are seen when looking at the data from condo, townhome, and attached ½ duplex sales. If you currently own a home in Austin, your home has most-likely appreciated nicely.

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Steps to Selling Your Property

(7 days ago) Steps to Selling Your Property - E-RAE REALTY. STEP 1: CONSULTATION. The first step in selling your home is to meet face to face with your dedicated real estate agent. Together, we will discuss your exact needs and timeline and develop a strategy to meet your goals. We will review comparable sold properties, and determine if it's in your best

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How Covid-19 is Impacting Austin Home Sales

(8 days ago) Real estate agents also have the availability to change the MLS status of homes to temporarily off market. On Friday the 20th, 35 homes were changed to this temporary status. Yesterday, March 27th, there were 47 homes that went to temporarily off market status. These numbers are more substantial when looked at from a greater duration of time.

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June Real Estate Stats Show Preliminary Signs of Market

(5 days ago) Real estate stats are always lagging indicators. In general, it usually takes at least 30 days for a home to go from hitting the market to sold. Thus, the sales data for June is based on homes that hit the market in May. In the past month, we have started to see an increase in listings. It's not crazy, but it is impactful.

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July Real Estate Stats show a Boom in

(1 days ago) After a lull in real estate sales during the typically peak spring selling season, the Austin real estate market is showing a rebound in full force this summer. In the City of Austin, the median sales price rose to $423,000; this figure is up 11% compared to last July.

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Determining Property Tax Rates in

(6 days ago) Usually the estimated taxes provided in the MLS, on Zillow and by the listing real estate agent are from the previous year. These estimates may or may not be close to the figures a new purchaser will pay. It is important to consider what exemptions the current owner takes and what the appraised value of the property is. The appraised value

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What does a listing agent really do

(1 days ago) Sharing my Austin real estate updates, home owner tips, & more. Archives. February 2022 January 2022 December 2021 September 2021 August 2021 July 2021 June 2021 March 2021 January 2021 November 2020 October 2020 September 2020 August 2020 July 2020 June 2020 May 2020 April 2020 March 2020 February 2020 January 2020 December …

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Tips to Strengthen Your Offer on a Home

(5 days ago) As we approach the high season in the land of real estate, more and more properties are experiencing multiple offer situations. When two or more parties have submitted an offer on the same piece of property, it becomes a multiple offer situation. This is often referred to as a bidding war. However, it’s not always the party with the highest

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Option Money vs. Earnest Money in an Austin Real Estate

(5 days ago) If the real estate market is incredibly competitive, such as the current Austin market, a shorter option period and/or a higher option money amount is more favorable to the seller. If the buyer backs out of the contract during the option period, all he or she will lose is the option money, and any money spent on inspections.

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Category: Condos

(1 days ago) Just ten years ago, buyers had many more options when looking to invest $200 K in the Austin real estate market. The median sales price of residential homes in 2008 was only $192,000. You could buy a cute little Bouldin cottage, pretty much anything east of I35, or a modest sized home in Lakeway.

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Austin Real Estate Market Update July 2019

(2 days ago) The temperature is not the only thing heating up in Austin this time of year; the central Texas real estate market is HOT, HOT, HOT! Last week, the Austin Board of REALTORS released the July 2019 home sales report; it revealed that the median sales price increased year over year for single family homes located within the city limits and those in the greater Austin …

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