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Real estate is no exception to this phenomenon. The Covid-19 has impacted the property rentals market negatively. Many people went back to their home towns affecting residential rentals adversely. Many businesses have asked people are working from home and some have closed down. It has led to increase in commercial property vacancy rates.

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Real Estate: Is this a good time to buy a

(1 days ago) Real estate investment in India in the current situation makes sense only if you see yourself as the homeowner of the residential property you are buying. If you are thinking of going into real estate investing to rent out the property, it could be a bad idea. Joblessness, pay cuts, fall in income from sales (which is particularly true of small

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Budget 2022 and the real estate sector: All you need to know

(9 days ago) The government will also work with financial sector regulators to increase access to capital and reduce the cost of intermediaries in the real estate sector. The FM pointed out that 25 years from now, nearly half of the Indian population will be urban residents.

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Why real estate developers are queuing up in the IPO bandwagon

(Just Now) The real estate market seems to be making a comeback in 2021-22 as buyer sentiment runs high. With an overall positive outlook, real estate companies are hoping to make a big comeback in the IPO market.

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Selling your property

(9 days ago) This turnaround in the real estate market is also reflected in the residential property sales numbers for FY 2020-21 reported by real estate companies listed on the stock exchanges. Some of the listed real estate companies have reported one of the best residential property sales numbers in the last few years.

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Things to check before buying an under-construction property

(Just Now) Real estate projects that are being constructed are launched at competitive prices and can help you save a lot of money. This can be an excellent option for home buyers who do not need to shift immediately. If you have some time on hand, a house under construction may offer you a better deal and help in saving money. So, compare the costs and

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What’s the difference between property sale agreement

(1 days ago) India’s real estate sector is estimated to be worth $180 billion. According to a property index maintained by a leading online real estate platform, residential real estate demand in India has increased by 30% compared to pre-COVID levels.

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Buying a home in your hometown or in a big city. What

(5 days ago) The biggest common dilemma for most of the homebuyers is where to buy a home – in your hometown or a metro city. This article discusses the suitability of buying a home in either your hometown or the metro city you are employed in considering a better standard of living. On the contrary, it throws light on the cost of owning a house in a non-metro city which …

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Home loan balance transfer at 6.95%: Know when and how to

(5 days ago) Real Estate ; Home loan balance transfer at 6.95%: Know when and how to do it? Home loan balance transfer at 6.95%: Know when and how to do it? Date : 21/10/2020 Read: 6 mins A home loan transfer makes sense only when the difference is big enough to save money, both in the short term (processing fees) and long term (interest and prepayment

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7 Things to Know Before You Invest in Land

(7 days ago) The investor needs to continuously monitor major economic trends, reports of local and national real estate consultants, etc. This includes the past as well as on-going trends. It is equally important to know the type of returns that various other forms of long-term investments will yield, mostly in terms of mutual fund, gold, insurance

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5 Affordable cities to buy or rent a house in India

(4 days ago) The real estate market is small in Ahmedabad when compared to some other big cities but that doesn’t make it any less affordable to live in. Here are some factors that tilt the scales in Ahmedabad’s favour: Ahmedabad is in a modern state with its heart still steeped in tradition. As a result, people get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Real estate bill, 2016

(3 days ago) The enactment of The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act with effect from 1 st May 2016 is a very positive development for home and property buyers in the country. The biggest feature of the Act is the establishment of a Real Estate Regulatory Authority that will regulate real estate projects in the country and protect the interest of property buyers.

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Buying a pre-owned property

(5 days ago) Whether to check out new house listings or buy pre-owned properties? If this is the question on your mind, you have come to the right place. Resale properties are considered a safe option as you get possession almost immediately, they are priced lower than new home listings and buyers get a transparent view of how much the total cost will be.

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What’s in store for potential home buyers in the coming

(6 days ago) Activity in the real estate sector has been rather muted over the past 4-5 years as it reeled under falling prices and subdued sales. Sales have been on a downward trend since 2013-14 when an average of 3.3 lakh units were sold annually. During 2015-16 only 2.7 lakh units were sold on an average, registering a 17% annual decline.

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An expert guide on how the price of a house is determined

(Just Now) Owning a house is considered a valuable asset for many individuals and is seen as a significant investment. With the steady rise of the real estate in India, and a vast population turning towards urban and semi-urban cities for professional reasons, owning a house has become a requirement, if not a necessity. Owning a house requires meticulous planning as …

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Sale agreement vs sale deed: What’s the difference

(9 days ago) This protects flat buyers while buying a property from a real estate developer. Last words. Typically, an agreement for sale precedes a sale deed. However, depending on state laws, an agreement for sale may be considered to be as valid as a sale deed. In such cases, an agreement for sale is subject to registration and stamp duties just as with

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Joint property ownership: Legal implications, Tax benefits

(9 days ago) Real Estate ; What are the legal implications of buying a property jointly? What are the legal implications of buying a property jointly? Date : 20/12/2021 Read: 7 mins In joint properties, there is undivided interest giving equal rights to all co-owners over the property. Joint property ownership can be based on joint tenancy, tenancy in

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Can having other loans affect your ability to buy a home

(1 days ago) Real Estate ; Can having other loans affect your ability to buy a home? Can having other loans affect your ability to buy a home? Date : 08/04/2021 Read: 9 mins If the lending bank thinks you have too many debts to handle or they are being mismanaged, your home loan application may get rejected. The 2009 Hollywood horror flick Drag Me to Hell

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Factors to consider when buying a house: RERA registration

(4 days ago) The Chintels Paradiso project in Gurugram was built by a private real estate developer, whereas a PSU developed the NBCC Green View project. So, whether you buy a home from a private builder or a PSU, you need to make sure the quality of construction is good.

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Millennials and real estate: Top city choices in India

(1 days ago) Ahmedabad’s booming real estate market offers a plethora of new-age projects that offer world-class amenities and easy connectivity. From high-rise apartments to premium villas, this bustling city has something for every budget, which makes it an appealing destination for millennials. Related: 5 Affordable cities to buy or rent a house in

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Here’s what you need to know before you buy your first

(4 days ago) Real Estate ; Here’s what you need to know before you buy your first property Here’s what you need to know before you buy your first property. Date : 20/01/2021 Read: 6 mins Are you purchasing a new property? Here's a list of documents you need to keep handy . Buying property is a major decision, so it is necessary to give it a good deal of

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Is it worth spending money on repairs before you sell your

(2 days ago) If the real estate market is booming, even with fewer repairs you will attract buyers and get a good price for your house. But a house that needs major repair work will still command a lower price. Whether you make pre-sale repairs or not, a trusted real-estate agent can help you navigate the home-selling process.

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Hiring a real estate agent: What should you ask the real

(1 days ago) Real estate is an excellent financial asset and perhaps one of the most expensive things you can ever own. If you are thinking of selling or buying a home, you would likely hire a real estate home agent. These professionals can help you find the right home if you are buying one and suitable buyers if you are selling one.

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5 Important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a

(2 days ago) Real estate prices are driven by a set of factors, unlike pricing decisions of other products/services. The value of a location is unlikely to change or reduce significantly. Similarly, price drops are possible only if developers are ready to …

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9 Ways to avoid exceeding your home renovation budget

(1 days ago) Real Estate ; 9 Ways to avoid exceeding your home renovation budget 9 Ways to avoid exceeding your home renovation budget. Date : 24/02/2021 Read: 6 mins Read on for some valuable tips on how to set and stick to a budget for your home renovation . You’ve been living in your house for a long time, and it’s time for a big change.

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How to successfully rent out your home

(6 days ago) Agents normally charge a month or half a month’s rent as brokerage. But paying that amount is worth it as agents are better equipped to find a suitable tenant, and can handle the necessary paperwork. You can also opt for listing the property on real estate websites or put an advertisement in the local newspaper.

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77% of women buy a property with the goal of end-use: Do

(5 days ago) Moreover, most women who are seeking real estate investments are young. About 47% of women property buyers are between the ages of 25 and 35, while 41% are between 35 and 45. Only 5% is under 25 years. Contrarily, men are …

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Sectors to keep an eye on in 2022: Fintech, Automobile

(Just Now) Real estate. If you have been wondering which sector will boom in 2022, you can’t go wrong with investing in stocks of real estate companies. The pandemic prompted a correction in property prices in India, thanks to work-from-home taking over. Strict lockdowns further expanded the market for strong players.

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real estate Savvywomen Tomorrowmakers

(Just Now) real estate. Displaying results 1 - 3 of 3 Search. Content Category. Tags. Sort by. Search Reset. Estate planning for women: why you need it & how to go a… An estate plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing that all personal and financial decisions will be taken care of as you have envisioned. Date : 11/29/2021; Views : 944 77% of women

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GST rate cuts on real estate: How will it benefit

(7 days ago) The GST council on February 24, 2019, decided to reduce the GST charged on the sale of under-construction residential property. This was done with the aim of stimulating demand in the real estate sector, which contributes 7.8% to the national GDP and is the second-largest employer after IT.

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Top performing stock market sectors from 2021: Metal, IT

(9 days ago) Real estate. The benchmark S&P BSE Sensex Index has increased by around 19 per cent year-to-date, while the BSE real estate index increased by 51.38 per cent. Several companies saw their stock prices rise due to the low interest rates on home loans offered by both public and private lenders in the country. Power

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Is real estate a good investment during COVID-19

(7 days ago) Considering the long-term resilience of real estate, investing in it appears to be a good option and a safe haven asset in the current scenario. The confidence was seconded by the vaccination drive rolled out by the government. However, a subsequent upsurge in virus infections compelled the investing community to remain cautious.

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Tax implication on jointly owned property

(Just Now) Tax deducted at source (TDS) of 1% is applicable on the sale of immovable property, as per Section 194-IA (2) as deducted tax. However, TDS on sale of property in case of joint owners would be applicable only if the sale consideration of each of the joint owners exceeds Rs 50 lakh.

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How to invest in NFT

(9 days ago) 2) Real estate NFT. You can invest in real estate through NFTs in two ways. You can own a piece of real land in the real world, or you can own a piece of virtual land in the digital world through NFTs. First, let us talk about owning a piece of real land in the real world.

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Home buying tips for single women

(7 days ago) The idea that a person should purchase a home once they are financially stable is outdated. Nowadays, an overwhelming majority of real estate buyers are women, including single women. Here are the steps you need to take as a single woman looking to buy a home

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RERA Act 2016: What are my rights as a

(3 days ago) Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act was introduced in the year 2016. RERA was established to enhance transparency and uniformity in the real estate environment. The main objective of the RERA Act is to safeguard the interest of home buyers as well as bring about standardisation and timely completion of projects in the real estate sector.

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